What Are Pinners Searching for During the ‘Back to Life’ Period?

Pinterest shared data on users’ mindsets heading into the fall

55% of survey respondents wanted to maintain their positive summer mindsets through the fall Pinterest
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According to Pinterest, there are two times of the year when searches spike for topics such as organization, routine, positivity and goal-setting: New Year’s resolutions at the beginning of the calendar year, and the period just before the start of fall, which the company refers to as “Back to Life.”

Pinterest said the Back to Life period presents an opportunity for brands and marketers to reach consumers while they are in the process of making important decisions, pointing out that searches spike during the summer for topics such as car goals (77%), new house plans (449%) and travel dreams (2,178%).

The company cited a survey by Neustar, which found that 75% of sales that originated with Pinterest occurred more than one week after people saw ads on the platform, as well as its own study in the U.S., Japan, Germany, the U.K. and France, which found that 55% of adult respondents were looking for ways to maintain their positive summer mindsets through the fall.

Pinterest said in a blog post last week, “Searches for ideas like improving finances, feeling more positive, organizing the home and planning for the future all have a second life come fall. The beginning of a new year is a common time to set ambitious goals, but Pinterest data has shown us that Pinners see two times in the year as opportunities to start fresh.”

Culture and community manager Enid Hwang added, “Over the years, we’ve seen the end of summer become a distinct and significant moment on Pinterest, when people want to make personal changes to refresh their routines, set goals, get organized and, most important, stay positive. We call this mindset ‘Back to Life’ and find that people have a specific intent around what they’re thinking and feeling as they use Pinterest. Thanks to 300 million Pinners who use Pinterest each month around the world, we have 200 billion ideas to meet their interests and match their mindset.”

Pinterest also broke out specific highlights from the topics it mentioned above.

Searches for life organization are up 78% year-over-year, and specific trends include sustainable lifestyle (108%), organization videos (230%) and budgeting finances (3,298%).


For feel-good routines, searches spiked year-over-year for productive day routine (180%), morning routine videos (161%) and weekend routine (144%).

Pinterest said its survey found that 56% of respondents in the U.S. feel the need to incorporate more self-care, such as eating healthier (42%), exercising more or adopting new fitness regimes (36%) and taking care of their bodies (36%).

Searches for routine chart were up 161% year-over-year, while family chore chart surged 282% and self-care routine saw a 140% jump.

And searches for drinks for clear skin were up 140% versus the same time period last year, including Korean banana milk (96%), Indian drinks (97%), dragon fruit drink (62%) and lavender recipes drinks (55%).


Positivity rang up some positive year-over-year search numbers, including acne positivity (193%), stretch marks positivity (163%), body hair positivity (158%) and cellulite positivity (69%).

Pinners are also on the hunt for uplifting quotes, with searches soaring for inspirational poetry quotes (650%), positive quotes to live by (279%), healthy mindset (71%) and radiate positivity (103%).


It’s good to have goals, and Pinners agreed, driving year-over-year search spikes for goal planning (128%), goal list (101%) and life goals (81%).

Searches for career planning were up 101%, setting up ultimate goals including dream house plans (669%), big family goals (86%) and travel dreams (2,178%).


david.cohen@adweek.com David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.