What Apple DID NOT Announce at WWDC 2009

Apple’s iPhone 3G S and MacBook Pro announces during the WWDC keynote on Monday included a couple of unexpected items. Some of the unexpected announcements included:

– Moving the 13-inch aluminum MacBook to the Pro group
– Adding an SD card reader to the MacBook Pro
– Find My iPhone feature for MobileMe subscribers
– iPhone 3G S voice control and voice dialing
– iPhone 3G S tap-to-focus feature

But, as usual, a number of pre-keynote predictions failed to materialize. Here’s a few that I was hoping to see:

– Apple netbook
– (or) Apple tablet with some kind of physical keyboard option
– iPod touch refresh with a camera and GPS
– iPod nano refresh with camera and GPS
– AT&T data plan reduction for the iPhone
– AT&T iPhone 3G data tethering plan

Here’s my wild guesses about what comes next:

– Apple netbook or tablet announced during CES 2010
– Apple iPod touch and nano refresh announced in September (as usual)
– AT&T’s data tethering plan will raise cost of voice+data to over $100/month and will be announced after every other iPhone carrier in the world has already implemented their tethering plan.