What Anakin Can Teach Us About Architecture

We adore the excellent BLDGBLOG and so does the Wall Street Journal–BLDGBLOG, Inhabitat and Archinect were three architecture sites singled out in the paper last week. But the reason we love it is because editor Geoff Manaugh stays plenty busy, not only filling the darn thing with BLDGNEWS, but by also organizing creative events, forums and seminars. Like this upcoming event on May 8 in LA, which he describes as “an evening full of talks and presentations about film, science fiction, space, landscape, and architecture”:

I have said many times before on this blog that contemporary architecture could learn quite a lot from the spatial and material imaginations on display in both film and science fiction–so perhaps this event will be a good opportunity to explore what that really means.

Read on for illustrations from the artists and designers who will be featured that night along with some nice commentary.