What Amount Do You Need to Earn to Feel Successful?

successAh, success. It’s so subjective, isn’t it?

Does success equate to income? Happiness? Achieving balance in life and work? Respect from peers? Self-respect? Fame? All of the above?

According to a new CareerBuilder survey, success in terms of money is relative to salary. And when it comes to feeling successful in accordance with a specific amount, 65 percent of survey participants indicate they don’t earn their desired salary. Only 35 percent say they’re right where they need to be; this is particularly true in the salary bracket ranging from $75,000 to $100,000.

Per the press release, their vice president of human resources explained:

“The survey supports past research suggesting that the $75,000 threshold is particularly significant, as this level allows households in most areas of the country to not only get by, but enjoy an ideal lifestyle and a secure future. Interestingly, what workers would ultimately like to earn does not necessarily factor into what they need for a successful career.”

This begs a more philosophical question: How much do you need to earn to feel content? To feel like you’re not undervalued since money is often associated with self-worth, to feel like your contributions matter and that your salary is indicative of everything you bring to the table.

The survey points out people can indeed feel successful without bringing in bank: 78 percent don’t think they must earn more than six figures to be “more successful.” This means, per their press release, employees can find meaningful work and add value while “still striving for that next promotion or raise.”