What About Me? A Picture of My Digital Life

Intel has put together a pretty cool dynamic infographic that uses you as the source of its information.  You sign in with Facebook and optionally Twitter and YouTube, and it puts together a graphic showing you some interesting statistics about your existence on the social web.

You can check out the app here, but read on for my impressions.

The first thing the application will do is ask you to sign in with your various social accounts, and explain that “What About Me?” lets you “capture a snapshot of your social media life and create your own colorful image, full of clues and facts about one of the most fascinating subjects in the world — you!”

After this, you’ll get a pretty awesome diversion as they put the graphic together.  It’s an endlessly dividing set of circles.  I wouldn’t normally include this but it was kind of mesmerizing.

Finally, the graphic appears.  There are all sorts of different areas explaining who responds to your posts, what your most popular posts are and more.  Here’s a clip of mine.