What’s the Most Reliable Blogging Service?

Whether you run a personal blog, a corporate blog or a mass media outlet (like SocialTimes), you don’t want your site to go down. Thanks to tough years for Twitter and Facebook, we’ve been getting used to unavailable social media platforms, even if we aren’t at all satisfied with it – it’s almost becoming an expectation. That said, nothing is worse than pointing your browser at a spot on the web and not being able to get there … especially if it’s yours.

The recent outage at Tumblr – and a major loss earlier in the year for WordPress.com – has raised fresh frustration in the social media space about platform reliability, and this is what appears to have prompted Pingdom to evaluate five major blogging services for reliability. Pingdom took a look at Blogger, WordPress.com, Typepad, Tumblr and Posterous to see who comes out on top (and who is hanging out at the bottom of the barrel). The survey was based on homepage uptime and four individual blogs (the full methodology is available in the Pingdom post).

So, who wins?

Google’s Blogger platform takes the top spot for reliability, which didn’t show any downtime during the two-month evaluation period. WordPress.com followed, according to Pingdom, with “very little downtime.” Posterous showed “somewhat mixed results” but still gets “a passing grade.”

Pingdom adds: “Tumblr was the only service in the test that truly failed.”

In addition to Tumblr’s recent woes, in which some blogs were unavailable for close to 24 hours from December 5, 2010 to December 6, 2010, the company has had “a huge amount of downtime for such a short period of time.” From October 15, 2010 through December 15, 2010, Pingdom found that Tumblr was unavailable for 47.5 hours, with Posterous down 2.1 hours, Typepad unavailable 0.2 hours and WordPress.com down 0.1 hours.

Overall, the Tumblr home page was up only 97.72 percent of the time, with the average Tumblr blog up only 96.81 percent. Posterous achieved a 99.95 percent uptime for the home page and the average blog was up 99.86 percent of the time. WordPress.com reached 99.98 percent/99.99 percent, and Typepad was 99.99 percent/99.98 percent. Blogger hit an astounding 100 percent uptime for both the home page and the average blog in this study.

For hosted blog services, uptime is a major consideration, but it isn’t the only one, of course. Measured by uptime, Pingdom crowns Blogger the winner, followed by WordPress.com, Typepad, Posterous and Tumblr, concluding, “The race was very close between the top three, but we should congratulate Google for the flawless uptime of Blogger during the survey.” Pingdom adds that 99.9 percent uptime should be the goal and that it can be accomplished.