Wharton Takes an Academic Approach to its Rebrand

The University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton business school has launched a new campaign — “Knowledge For…” — that finishes the phrase with words that go beyond the academic experience one would get at the school including “action,” “life,” and “global impact.” Work on the rebranding began back in 2009.

Thomas Robertson, a Wharton dean and marketing professor, spoke with The Wall Street Journal earlier this month about the campaign. “It was important that we clarify and achieve consistency for the Wharton brand,” he told the paper. To that end, the campaign focuses on innovation, an area that the school is building with new faculty and programs, and the impact that the school has on the world, which is in keeping with its mission statement “to create knowledge with consequence for the world.”

The campaign includes a video clip, charts and infographics (one is in the image above), an exhaustive website that digs into every nook and cranny of the marketing effort, and a multilingual version of its Knowledge@Wharton online journal. There’s even a magazine for the rebrand, that goes into great detail about Wharton and the ideas behind the campaign. The effort is exactly what you would expect from an Ivy League university.