Whack-o Jack-o recording track-o?

As usual, the hype around Michael Jackson is too good to be beleive. We initially wanted to post Billboard‘s scoop of late yesterday (“Jackson Roars Back with G-Unit“)that Jackson was heading into the studio with 50 Cent, but thought it judicious to wait for the souffle to inevitibly deflate. It has.

As Spin puts it today, “While 50 Cent’s spokesperson told Billboard.com that the rapper has made no commitments to work on Jackson’s new album, a member of 50’s crew, DJ Whoo Kid, has hinted that the collaboration may be in the works. Whoo Kid is set to travel to Bahrain in two weeks to bring home some tracks Jackson has been working on in his home studio.”

He’s going to Bahrain in two weeks to bring home some tracks? They don’t have FedEx in Bahrain? The tracks can’t be emailed? The DJ has to come to Bahrain? Suddenly, its becoming clear why MJ is so broke his handlers check to see if he can still fog a mirror while sleeping.