WH Smith Drops Price of Kobo Touch in the UK

Earlier this week I reported on the UK supermarket chain Asda and their plans to sell the Kobo Touch and Kobo Wifi at a lower than market price. At the time I called it a price war, which was something of an exaggeration. But now the war is actually happening.

WH Smith, Kobo’s ebookstore partner in the UK, responded today by dropping their prices as well.  It looks like we have a real US style price war on our hands.

You can find the older Kobo Wifi on the WH Smith website for £69. They dropped the price by £20 in order to bring it close to the Asda price. The Kobo Touch also got a price cut; it’s now selling for £99, or £10 less than before.

This is still higher than the US price, but it’s a good first sign that the eReader market is about to get price competitive in the UK.

WH Smith