WH Setting All Sorts of Records Straight

Hotline’s blog makes an interesting point this morning: The White House press shop is moving into the rapid response business. Now it’s always been in the rapid response business, but the little one-pagers that tend to hit back on Democrats or media assertions generally end up coming from the RNC. Not so this week.

In three instances this week, the White House has sent out one-page backgrounders attacking Democrats or the media. In the first, it called the Post’s Saturday article by Dana Milbank and Walter Pincus off-base. Monday it attacked Senator Carl Levin and yesterday it went for the always popular target of the New York Times editorial board.

As Hotline says, “While the RNC is still churning out plenty of anti-Dem copy on Iraq, the addition of the WH press shop in this official capacity certainly is an interesting development. Read into what you want.”