WH Pool in Seoul Gets Crazed


What’s it like to be a White House pooler in Seoul? Politico‘s ever descriptive pool writer Carol Lee fills us in as she and the others hold in a Korean restaurant. Time difference: 14 hours ahead.

Your pooler and still photogs crammed into a mini-van further up in the motorcade in order to make it to see POTUS at the arrival. Once inside the National Museum of Korea, pool broke into a full-on run through the halls to the lobby, which is circular, capped with a dome. Apprently pool was running at such a scary rapid clip that at sight of us a man standing along the route dropped the tray of coffee he was holding with both hands.

When a breathless pool arrived in the lobby, President Lee was there with his wife, Kim Yoon-Ok, who wore a floor-length, empire waist dress, which had a green skirt and long-sleeve white embroidered top with a long pink bow.