WGBH Makes Final Offer To Union

Nearly 300 writers, editors, production workers and marketing employees at WGBH have received their company’s final offer for a new contract, the Boston Globe reports.

Management wants to cut its company match for retirement plans by half and receive authority to redefine job descriptions, allowing WGBH to assign employees to work on multiple platforms. The company would also like to be able to outsource work without negotiations.

The union countered with the statement that cutting a company retirement match would be fine, but according to local president Jordan Weinstein, “if they retain the ability to outsource anything and everything, it would tend to make moot all the gains we made in other areas of the contract.”

The contract between union-covered public broadcast employees and WGBH expired in October; union members vote March 12 on this final offer. If the union rejects this proposal, WGBH will be able to declare impasse and implement whatever terms it likes.