WGA: ”Don’t Worry. We Will Reschedule (The Time Warner Picket’)’


An tipster emailed FishbowlNY that ”Some took the cancellation of Friday’s WGE picket at Time Warner Building to be a concession by the writers and a good sign in terms of an upcoming agreement with the producers.” FishbowlNY asked Sherry Goldman, the WGA Spokesperson, who responded via email, ”I do think people took the cancellation as a sign the informal talks were moving to be more formalized, but that was wishful thinking. Informal talks are continuing but that’s not why the picket was cancelled. The picket was cancelled because we had too much stuff on our plate this week. We normally don’t do large-scale events on Fridays, which are reserved for our weekly big strike captain’s meeting.

”We were trying to do two things on one day. In addition, this week we had our ‘Oscar Awards’ conference on Tuesday, our Congressional visit all day Wednesday, our daily pickets at the morning and late night talk shows Monday through Thursday — and it was becoming logistically too difficult to do this major event, too — and not doing a strike captain’s meeting would leave us ‘unplanned’ for next week. So, since we had much big and small stuff this week, we decided to postpone.

”Don’t worry — we will reschedule it.”

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