WeTransfer launches image and video transfer app on iOS


File-transfer service WeTransfer has announced the launch of its iOS app, designed to allow users to send images or videos from their device’s camera roll to other platforms. The app allows users to send up to 10GB of images or videos, sending content over 3G or 4G networks, as well as over Wi-Fi. Users can send as many files as they’d like at a time, up to the limit, and can purchase access to cloud storage for accessing content later via the web.

WeTransfer has been designed with ease of use in mind. Users can tap on one item and double tap on another to instantly select all items between the two, or can use swipe and tap gestures to move between months and events in their camera roll for finer control. In addition, users can pause file transfers on the fly (say, when they know they’re about to bounce off of Wi-Fi).

File transfers are sent to email addresses, where the recipient receives a download link to access the content. While WeTransfer is available to download and use for free, “WeTransfer Plus” account holders are also offered 50GB of cloud storage for their transfers, which can be accessed via the web version of the platform.

“There’s been a lot of demand from our 20 million active monthly users to be able to send high res photos and videos from their mobile phones in a similar fashion to the web version,” said Bas Beerens, CEO and Founder of WeTransfer.

“However, until now the technology to enable a smooth service was limited. The arrival of 4G and increasing coverage across the globe gave us the opportunity to work on a product that could offer the same service our users would expect from the online version.”

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