Facebook's F8 Changes Boost Traffic To Media Sites

Media companies are continuing to embrace Facebook, but based on raw data released by celebrity news site Wetpaint Entertainment, they might want to step up their efforts even more.

Media companies are seeing even more traffic coming to them from Facebook since the social network’s raft of changes began in September.

Wetpaint Co-Founder and Vice President of Social Distribution and Analytics Michael Howell shared the following data with us:

  • The percentage of traffic coming from Facebook increased at 48 of the top 50 web publishers in December compared with November, showing average gains of 2.1 percent, which Howell believes is a strong indicator that publishers have adopted to the changes Facebook introduced in September.
  • Aggregate Facebook traffic to the top 50 publishers rose 17 percent in December versus November, totaling 385 million visits. In addition, the four publishers in the top 50 that are using social readers saw their share of traffic from Facebook leap 70 percent.

  • Facebook continued to make progress against Google, with seven of the top 50 web publishers receiving more traffic from Facebook than from Google in December — an average of 36 percent more — compared with just two in November.

  • Twitter is also experiencing growth, but not on the scale of Facebook, as it accounted for 3.4 percent of social traffic to the top 50 publishers in December, up from 2.2 percent in September.
  • Wetpaint itself took advantage of these trends, seeing its traffic from social networks double to 20.8 percent in December from 10.4 percent in October, putting it atop the list of the top 50 web publishers in terms of traffic from social media.