“West Wing” wistfulness at NBC? Not a chance…

The AP has just moved a curious story: The long-annnounced “West Wing” nostalgia-thon has been recalled from office.

As David Bauder puts it,

“For the cast of NBC’s exiting drama “The West Wing,” nostalgia came at a price the network was unwilling to pay…NBC had no official comment on the switch of plans. However, the network couldn’t reach an agreement with the show’s cast on what – or if – they would be paid to gather one last time and reminisce about their experience, said a person close to the show who would speak about the negotiations only on condition of anonymity.”

Of course, this was never a cast that was shy about putting a gun to Warner Bros. head to get more money. It’s a shame John Spencer isn’t around anymore. He was a classy guy as any, and wouldn’t have allowed it to come to this.