Halloween Hijinks at West Hollywood Patch

The commenting functionality at Patch.com is both easy to use and visually pleasing. Less clear-cut for the community news operation’s local editors is how to manage colorful citizen comments without succumbing to the temptation of simply deleting them.

After local personality and West Hollywood Patch contributor Jerome Cleary shared an item Tuesday urging all readers to show up in costume on Santa Monica Blvd. this Halloween Sunday, reader jimmy responded with some cheeky masquerade musings:

I like the really original costumes, like the priest giving birth, or the nun having an actual blood abortion, or his Holiness the Pope porking a child doll, or the rabbi molesting the airline passenger, or the Iman having a kosher meal etc. If you’re gonna dress, at least try to be original.

An hour later, LA Patch regional editor Sara Catania swooped in, urging jimmy to “refrain from crude remarks and imagery that you wouldn’t want your dad, your favorite aunt or your 11-year-old niece to read.” During the next few hours, the back-and-forth with jimmy also brought out comments from Cleary and the site’s local editor Nancy C. Rodriguez.

While the quantity of reinforcements displayed here is perhaps a little excessive, the folks at Patch.com deserve credit for letting the conversation with jimmy carry on. If there’s any justice, he will return to the page late Sunday to share a photo of his hallowed Halloween get-up.