West Hollywood, land of celebrity automobile mishaps

The Independent looks at the city of West Hollywood which, like a too-crowded peacock reserve, is over-saturated with celebrities, if celebrities were peacocks:

When Oscar winner Halle Berry had her famous hit-and run accident in 2000, it occurred at Sunset Boulevard and Doheny Drive.

It was the same stretch of Sunset where she slammed into another motorist in 1997.

Both scenes are within virtual walking distance from the restaurant where she celebrated her Best Actress Oscar triumph.

They may be stars of Hollywood, but where the best and the brightest of Tinseltown party off their highs and commiserate about their lows seems to usually take place in the pocketsize enclave that is a secret to people outside California but which has come into its own.

The restaurants, the nightclubs, the watering holes and the hotels where much of Hollywood is wined, dined and quartered � even the famed Sunset Strip � are all tucked into the city of West Hollywood, which though it has been incorporated for 20 years still remains lost to the non-Angeleno.

All this celebrity-ness, and the gentrification attendant to being a high-profile-type place is leading, some say, to the pushing-out of long-time residents. Meanwhile, Culver City, which I’m guessing would love a piece of that over-development action, looks on jealously.

Fun fact: West Hollywood is the third most-densely-populated city in California. (Well, I guess it’s not so fun if you’re trying to park there.)