Swipe Right If You Like Wesley Morris

NYT critic at large kicks off a new Times Insider feature.

RalphEllisonInvisibleManCoverHa ha. Two-thirds of the way through his Times Insider Q&A, recently arrived critic at large Wesley Morris says this:

This is starting to feel like a profile for a dating site, except I’m being way more honest here.

By that point, Times Insider editor Susan Lehman has asked Morris what he reads in the morning, what he reads at night before bed, his favorite book, a movie that haunts his dreams, music he likes to listen to and his “destination” TV shows.

The Grantland and Boston Globe alum also offers a brief but interesting history lesson on the origins of the term “critic at large.” Fun, fun conversation, one which also kicks off a brand new Times Insider feature called “New to the Beat.”

[Jacket cover courtesy: Signet]