Werner Herzog Reads Curious George

It’s friday, so why not wind down the day with something light and funny. Here, courtesy of blogger Maud Newton, whose Twitter feed directed eBookNewser to it, is a video clip of Curious George as read by filmmaker Werner Herzog, from the Cinetrix blog. Well, it’s not really Herzog, but someone imitating him, to wonderfully funny effect.

This “Herzog” narrates pages from a classic CG book with wondrously truth-telling lines like this: “Even though he has a big brain and opposable thumbs, he has to know he will always be seen as inferior by his human counterparts. No amount of effort will change that.”

This is kind of an eBook, but what it completely is is an example of the kind of fun that could be had with the suddenly trendy eBook iPhone apps from ScrollMotion and others that let you record yourself reading–or misreading–the text of children’s books. It’s something to think about over the weekend.

We’ll see you on Monday to ring in Apple tablet week.