We’re Related Continues to Grow as More Facebook Users Connect Across Generations


With Facebook’s growth amongst users over 35 (and over 55), family applications have been doing very well on the Facebook Platform. In fact, just this week, FamilyLink.com announced that its popular Facebook application We’re Related has reached 50 million registered users after seeing substantial growth over the last six months. The app helps Facebook users connect with relatives to share information and photos, and has seen the largest influx of people in the 45-54 demographic, which mirrors recent trends in overall Facebook use.

“We are excited about the growing user base and especially about the activity of the users,” said Jason McGowan, Chief Social Officer for FamilyLink.com. “As the number of We’re Related users grows, so does the number of connections people are making to their families, now surpassing 300 million.”

We’re Related has been extremely popular for a while, remaining in the top 10 Facebook applications for more than a year. The application identifies relatives in users’ networks, and recommends people that may also be in users’ family trees. Once a connection is established, family members can share stories and photos. Information is kept private among a designated list of relatives.


The largest number of new users is coming from Facebook members 35 and up, with 45-54-year-old users representing the quickest-growing demographic. FamilyLink.com reports seeing this age group tripling in size over the last six months. This isn’t surprising, as overall Facebook usage is starting to skew more towards this age group, possibly due to younger users being out of school for the summer, or migrating towards newer social media outlets like Twitter.

It’s also to be expected that the services offered by We’re Related would appeal to the 45-54 demographic. Many of these users are joining Facebook for the sole purpose of staying in touch with their children, and to share photos and news of relatives that may not be local. Genealogy has always been a big business on the internet, and FamilyLink.com offers a free alternative to expensive pay-for-research sites when looking for relatives or studying a family tree. In fact, FamilyLink.com recently conducted a survey which revealed 40% of We’re Related users noted the application’s services as major factors in their decisions to join Facebook.


“Facebook has always been a personal tool for managing relationships,” said McGowan. “We’re Related fits that context perfectly. We are looking forward to future growth, continual innovation, and offering new functionality to our loyal users.”