We’re Not Going to Have Room for Pie

Yum. These words sure taste good. Yep, because we’re eating them. Yesterday we kinda sorta sided with the “sometimes it’s okay to do spec” camp, which in part, we still believe, but in reading this post on Designers Who Blog, “Things That Suck,” we felt a little guilty. Granted, it’s still a post about when big companies hold pointless competitions, getting their design work essentially for free, which we’ve been for since forever. But it’s such a strong little bit that it made us feel badly for even hinting toward the other direction. Here’s some:

When protesting the 2010 Olympics logo contest, the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada stated…”A spec design request or contest means asking designers to work for free. For designers, this is a waste of time and it also erodes long-term buyer-designer relationships. GDC advises its members not to participate in requests for spec design or design contests and recommends that organizations decide which designer is right for a project by reviewing portfolios of previous work and looking at the designers’ understanding of the needs of the project.”