We’re Not Dead

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After getting emails from about a zillion friends, co-workers and of course family members, we feel compelled to blog about the “talk of the internet” today, the NY Times story on “blogging ’till you drop.”

In case you somehow missed it, the story analyzed the health consequences of the 24/7, always in front of a computer, not exercising, eating crappy food lifestyle that most bloggers adhere to.

Rest assured PRNewser readers, Jason and I are young, full of energy, and despite sometimes consuming a few too many “adult beverages” at industry happy hours, we should be good for quite a while.

Jokes aside, tech guru Doc Searls may have put it best when he told us all to “chill out.”

Scoops are great, and in the online media world, more traffic equals more money. It’s very simple. But putting a scoop before your own health: not sustainable, and not wise. (Don’t worry Laurel & Chris, we’re still hustling.)

One person who is wise: Matt Richtel of the Times. His story garnered quite a bit of buzz today, as we all took his link bait.