Wendy Williams Tells It Like It Is

The New York Post celebrated July 4 with a look at the "First Lady of Gossip."

At the top of Robert Rorke’s July 4 profile of Wendy Williams for the New York Post, the reporter notes that on flamboyant display while the talk show host decompressed in a dressing room, post-taping, was “her bionic bosom – installed in 1994.” Later on, the talk show host puts those assets in delightful and typically forthright perspective:

“Breast implants last about 10 years. Any day now I’m going to have to get them replaced.”

Williams, now 50, tells Rorke she saw the Ben AffleckJennifer Garner divorce coming a mile away but was completely surprised by the Sean PennCharlize Theron split. When asked to name favorite and least favorite guests, she leaves it at singer Trey Songz. “A real panty dropper,” she suggests.

As Rorke notes, Williams’ down-home daytime combination of gossip and talk has outlasted a gaggle of challengers including Queen Latifah and Anderson Cooper. He also collected her observations on New York vs. New Jersey. Great profile.

Update (1:45 p.m.):
As an interesting reminder of SEO, the online headline for the highlighted Post piece has since been changed to: “Wendy Williams: Jennifer Aniston Only Has 3 Good Eggs Left.”