Wemple’s Fuego May Wane

Some noted the absence of TBD Editor Erik Wemple’s Fuego/Frio feature a few weeks back. The editor who takes time each week to stop breathing as he ridicules publications few read around town like Russia Today and The Downtowner may soon be too busy to unleash all that wacky energy. He may skip from time to time.

Morris Jones, the TBD TV anchor who introduces the segment, gave us a status update on Wemple’s feature, the most recent of which aired on Feb. 17.

“As Erik Wemple keeps getting busier and busier with various projects and meetings he may be forced to skip some Wednesday TV segments,” Morris wrote to FishbowlDC in an email response to a question about it. “That was the case a couple of weeks ago I think when you didn’t see him on the air.”

On the weeks that Wemple skips, we hear he’ll be hosting hold your breath contests in the TBD newsroom. We hope no one passes out.