Wemple: ‘Legitimate Questions About Whether My Head Is In The Game At This Stage’

FishbowlDC has an interview with Washington City Paper Village Voice Washington City Paper editor Erik Wemple.

Wemple confirms he clashed with Village Voice Media over newsroom management style, and that local “mourning” over his decision to depart D.C. had little to do with his decision to unhire himself from the Voice.

FishbowlDC: How do you think it will be received at WCP (i.e. the fact that you left and then came back)?

Wemple: Honestly, this is a question better put to my staffers, who are free to say whatever they’d like about the situation. There are clearly legitimate questions about whether my head is in the game at this stage, given what happened with my supposed departure.

Wemple Speaks [FishbowlDC]
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