WeMade releases fantasy-RPG Heroes of Atlan on Android

WeMade Entertainment has announced the launch of Heroes of Atlan on Android. The game is part of WeMade’s push to publish titles for Western audiences, and is the second title to be released in the West, after Wind Runner. Heroes of Atlan is a fantasy role-playing game (RPG), which takes players to a land in ruin and challenges them to defeat the Demon King.

In Heroes of Atlan, players can choose one of five classes: Paladin, Assassin, Archer, Magician and Berserker. After creating their hero, players can upgrade and customize them with hundreds of different items, including those in 14 gear sets. Players can also craft items and give their characters pets.

The gameplay is said to provide “nearly unlimited challenges,” as players head into battle against hundreds of monsters and other evil characters. Battles are turn-based, with both the single-player campaign mode and player-vs-player arena challenges being available. A cooperative battle mode is also included, which sees players teaming up to complete large quests.

“Heroes of Atlan is a great example of the kind of top-quality product WeMade has become known for, and it should be appealing not just for mobile gamers but to any RPG fan,” said Won Il Sue, Executive Vice President of WeMade’s Global Business Division. “Players will see that ‘Heroes of Atlan’ has all the classic elements of an immersive RPG, but optimized for the mobile platform. Players can take their adventures with them and play whenever or wherever they want.”

Heroes of Atlan is now available to download for free on Google Play. An iOS release is currently in the works. Check back soon to follow the game on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.

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