Wells Fargo Is Building a Twitter-Powered Conveyor Belt to Dole Out Tech Gifts for Grads

Tablets, smart watches and fitness trackers

To celebrate the annual time of year when students trade in their backpacks for the much heavier shackles of college debt, Wells Fargo is building a Twitter-powered conveyor belt to give high school graduates tech prizes for the next phase of life.

On Thursday, the San Francisco-based bank will run a contest on Twitter to give away 100 tablets, smart watches, fitness trackers and good-old-fashioned gift cards—all in the name of graduation season. As part of the #GetCollegeReady campaign, anyone on the social platform over the age of 17 can use the hashtag and tweet Wells Fargo for a chance to win.

The bank is partnering with Dallas agency Moroch Partners and Gratuitous Sets to build the conveyor belt, which incrementally moves a car along a path as Twitter users tweet about the campaign. (Picture a large-scale, tech-savvy Game of Life.) Each person whose tweet pushes the car past one of the milestones will win the prize it passes.

Of course, the contest is aimed at college students, but any adult can win. (After all, isn't everyone a student in the school of life?)

Here's a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of the Twitter-powered set:

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