Wello: iPhone Case for Monitoring Blood Pressure, Temperature, Heart Rate, and More

Activity trackers and health monitors often come as an additional wearable electronic, but that’s not always convenient or necessary. That’s why we like the concept behind the Wello iPhone case – a tricorder for health-conscious smartphone users. The device syncs up with your phone to bring you readings ranging from lung capacity to ECG waves from your heart.

Wello is the first ever device to allow you to measure and record your vitals from wherever you are. It conveniently slides onto a smartphone disguised as a case so you always have it with you. You simply hold it for a few moments while hidden sensors take measurements and pass on gathered information to the Wello app. Not only do you get instantaneous results and key data about your health, over time you’ll see patterns that hopefully will help you take better care of yourself.

It also connects with other health and fitness devices such as pedometers and sleep trackers to help identify how different behaviors can affect one’s bodily state. Furthermore, Wello provides safe and secure remote access – so it can be used to track the key vitals of family members too.


For Android users with Bluetooth LE and kitkat, the Wello comes as a thin insert with the same hardware capabilities. For a limited time, pre-orders of the $199 Wello will come with the additional lung-tester attachment. shipment will begin in Fall 2014, pending FDA approval.