Well Now, Shoe Company, You Got Us All Riled Up Again

The talk on everyone’s design-coated lips (?) yesterday? Well, if you’re in advertising, are British, or are the type of person who likes getting offended by things and then complaining about them, it’s likely you were talking about the Nike ad of England soccer/football star Wayne Rooney, all painted up in red, looking like St. George’s Cross. Or, interpreting it like many others did, as some sort of very upsetting, violent, Christian-based thing. Fortunately, everyone who got upset about it sounded silly and, as seen on Wieden+Kennedy’s blog, played right into the ad agency’s hands by getting in the paper for free a bunch of times. We like the ad. It looks nice. It’s kinda, semi-clever. And we say all that while, truth be told, really not having any clue who Wayne Rooney is (for the moment, we’re going to pretend he’s Andy’s young nephew and he’s just started his methadone treatments — thus helping to explain his condition in the ad).