Well-Known Bloggers Will Help Target Launch Its Plus-Size Fashion Line

One of the bloggers actually tried to organize a boycott against the retailer.

Target has a new plus-size line coming, Ava & Viv, that will launch in the middle of next month, much to the delight of consumers we would imagine. In different stories, we’ve seen the complaints of plus-size customers about the lack of fashionable options on retailer racks. And Target says the items in this line, updated monthly, will be priced between $10 and $80.

To launch the line, Target brought three fashion bloggers — Nicolette MasonChastity Garner and Gabi Gregg — to the company’s Minneapolis HQ for a looksie and a shoot.

Since this is clearly a big plus-size apparel venture, it was a great idea to bring in three experts for a critique. And with their endorsement, they’re getting the thumbs up from three women who have a powerful presence online. Together, they have more than 67,000 followers on Twitter and a direct line to potential customers who believe what they have to say.

“Personally, I don’t trust much of anything coming out of, well, any corporate PR department, and Target doesn’t have the best rep with plus-size women right now,” reads Jezebel. “But I do trust Gregg, Garner and Mason—and that’s the case for many other shoppers size 12 and up. It’s also noteworthy that last summer, Garner spearheaded a boycott of Target over their dismal plus-size offerings.”

This is a #PRWin.

And as a side observation, I feel like I’ve been seeing more coverage of plus-size fashions. Maybe it’s wishful thinking. Maybe I’m just more aware. But, for instance, Buzzfeed has been doing more, and note that it’s getting major clicks. So maybe the fashion world will wise up.


via WWD [sub req’d]