Well-Designed Locale Of The Week

Of the hundreds of grand plans that crossed our mind when we were first getting into this entire blog-o-world, one of our personal favorites was the Well-Designed Locale Of The Week, which we are officially launching today. We don’t get out much, being slaves to Corporate and, sometimes, The Man, but as we informed you last week, we’re currently older and wiser. And we didn’t just sit at home, contemplating our varied futures. No. We partied. We rocked. We windmilled with Moby. And we did it all at Public. Designed by AvroKO, the kids also behind Stanton Social, Public takes up two levels of an old Elizabeth Street warehouse. High ceilings and gritty details. Hot waitstaff and good drinks.

As hard as we try to, though, we can’t party every night. More crucially, we can’t remember everywhere we go. Which is where you come in. Have a favorite well-designed restaurant? Bar? Club? So-nineties speakeasy? Tell us. Unbeige@mediabistro.com. If you do good, we’ll buy you a drink.

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