Well, At Least They Tried

We have to be honest: We didn’t actually make it to the Reuters after-party in part because the reports we were getting were less than stellar and in part because the Bloomberg slippers were so comfy that we simply wanted to crawl into bed after trying them on (that and the infused vodka/Robitussin finally kicked in).

But here’s what we can tell you: Despite all the pre-party buzz that this year’s Reuters party might rival that of Bloomberg, Public Enemy was right: Don’t believe the hype. For many it was the place to go if, well, you had no place else to go (ahem, Bloomberg, Capitol File).

Reuters tells us that over 600 guests arrived and even passed along some photos that make the place look jumping with the bass drums thumping…

…but we heard lots of reports that included words like “dead,” “empty,” and “dud.” (Besides, don’t 600 guests violate kstreet’s fire code?) And the crowd there seemed to be heavy on folks who didn’t get invited anywhere else.

Reuters certainly put on an effort: Connecticut Avenue outside the Hilton was parked three-deep with Reuters town cars ready to whisk guests down to the party.

More more more below.

The notables list was thin, with only Stephen Colbert, Joey Cheek, Kelly O’Donnell and Suzanne Malveaux among the recognizables. And the schwag was subpar: Guests got Reuters music (what the hell is that?), free downloads of Thievery Corporation and a box of Krispy Kreme donuts. (We wouldn’t, however, have minded eating those donuts in our Bloomberg slippers, while thumbing through the latest Capitol File…That’ve been quite nice…) Guests dined on sliced grilled cheese sandwiches cut in sailboats. Adorable.

Unlike some other parties, the Reuters party did seem crash-able (and from all reports, the blood-alcohol levels were high). We heard about two folks who not only crashed without being on the list, but who also got chaffeured home in a Reuters Town Car (playing Reuters music?).

Speaking of chauffeurs, you couldn’t miss the beautiful imported models in their flashy “let’s go clubbing” shirts recruiting folks at the Hilton’s pre-parties (say hello to the gracious and cordial Sara and Melinda below):

But we agree with Wonkette’s Alex Pareene that the move (i.e, pentrating the fortress of sophistication that is the Washington Hilton pre-parties) “might’ve been a bit too tacky for the crowd.”

And the convenient shuttles provided from the Hilton to kstreet…

…came off as more desperate than accomodating.

But again, at least they tried, and good for them for even trying to rival Bloomberg. And their Reuters party crew was nothing if not enormously nice.

But the king–Bloomberg–sits atop its throne for another year.

>UPDATE: One reader thinks differently about the Reuters party: “It didn’t have as many celebrities as Bloomberg without a doubt but it was still fun. I hate the sucking up DC reporters do to D-rate celebrities who blankly attend the DC events. I prefer a party to drink and have fun dancing with friends. So even though it lacked star power, the Reuters party was sufficient for its first year. I got into Bloomberg a few years ago. It was great for the star gazing but people didn’t get crazy there that year. Maybe it was different this year.”

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