Welcome to the center of the universe

Welcome to fishbowlNY

What do you mean, it’s not the center of the universe? We have no idea what you’re talking about. Why? Because we live in a fishbowl. Intentionally. So you don’t have to.
fishbowlNY is a gossip blog devoted to New York media—every last status-obsessed incestuous self-referential bit of it!
We’re far too passive-aggressive modest to ask you for anything directly, but if, by chance, any of the following were to mysteriously land in our inbox, we’d be exceedingly grateful:
· Internal memos – any old internal memo will do. Firing and hiring memos, desk-cleaning memos, no-sending-internal-memos-to-bloggers memos…
· Near-memos and paper trail evidence of any sortAllure meeting minutes, discarded Post-it notes from NBC, postcards from Ron Galotti, book party guest lists, unusual responses to pitch letters…
· Questionable expense reports – Or rumors of questionable expense reports.
· Seemingly innocuous information suitable for dissection and overanalysis – We’ve actually set up a special category for this. It’s called, not surprisingly, “Seemingly Innocuous Information.” However you choose to interpret that is probably fine with us.
Send to elizabeth AT mediabistro DOT com or christian AT mediabistro DOT com.
We’re told that a certain editor at The New York Observer used to bellow, “You can’t shoot spitballs at the Manhattan power elite if you don’t know who they are!” to newbies who, say, failed to distinguish between “Punch” and “Pinch” Sulzberger. We don’t know if it’s true, but we like it, so we’re stealing it. FishbowlNY: Because you can’t shoot spitballs at the media elite if you don’t know who they are!™
RACHEL SKLAR is a freelance writer based in New York. She has contributed to The New York Times, The New York Post, The Village Voice, Glamour, The Financial Times and numerous publications in her northern homeland of Canada. She writes the “Channeling” TV column for The Chicago Tribune’s RedEye and is the author of A Stroke of Luck: Life, Crisis and Rebirth of a Stroke Survivor (with Howard Rocket, 1998). Prior to freelancing full-time she was a corporate lawyer in New York and Stockholm, where she never learned to like herring.
ELIZABETH SPIERS is the editor-in-chief of mediabistro.com. Prior to mediabistro, she was a contributing writer and editor at New York magazine. She was previously the founding editor of Gawker.com, a Manhattan gossip weblog. She has also written for Salon.com, Radar, Black Book, The Face, The New York Times, and The New York Post, including Page Six.
CHRISTIAN MOERK cut his teeth as a reporter for Variety in New York and as film editor for Daily Variety in Los Angeles. He also served as a production executive at Warner Bros. Pictures before returning full-time to writing. He was also a senior correspondent for the late, lamented inside.com. A graduate of the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism, he now contributes to the New York Times and is at work on his third novel.