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Spotted: Immediately after an extremely bumpy descent into Vegas, speakers Petrula Vrontikis, Stefan Bucher and Kelly Goto (oddly enough, we last saw Goto at an airport, leaving another design conference). Outside the keynote hall, Moira Cullen, lovin’ her new gig as design director of Coca-Cola North America, was looking typically stunning in signature black. Sitting in the waaaaay back of the keynote were Tim and Dan of Design Army, the hot young D.C. shop you may have seen sprinkled around your design annuals.

HOW editor Bryn Mooth intros the conference, saying that at about 4000 peeps it’s the “largest annual gathering of designers in the country.” Maybe it’s because you can bring your drinks inside the hall but damn, these people are psyched to hear that. Someone planned their wedding in Vegas on the Thursday after the conference so all the bride’s friends who she’s met over the years could attend.

Now that’s design conference spirit.

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