Welcome To AllTwitter’s New Lead Writer, Mary Long

AllTwitter is very excited to announce a new member joining the team: Lead Writer Mary Long. Mary is eager to start writing about the Twittersphere, and you can expect to hear from her several times a day as she brings you the news and views of our favorite 140 character-based network. Here’s a little about Mary:

Growing up in Charlestown, Massachusetts (a small town in Boston), Mary Long never imagined that her reading and writing obsession would lead her to a career online – most likely because “online” didn’t exist back then, but that’s beside the point. She imagined herself as an attorney or maybe a mixed martial arts fighter, but fate had other plans.

Through a long and convoluted progression, Mary transitioned from teaching first grade to writing and then digital strategy, finding herself living just outside of San Francisco and nursing a somewhat unhealthy obsession for everything social media. In her most recent – and most relevant – role, she led the writing and social media functions at a national PR firm. It was a great gig, but the opportunity to focus exclusively on the Twitterverse here at All Twitter was something that she just could not pass up. Where else could she add a ‘tw’ to words? This was something she found twerrific!

You’ll find her on Twitter, of course, as well as Google+, Facebook, Pinterest, Quora, Tumblr and pretty much anywhere you look really. And readers will note that her love of long sentences is rivaled only by her affinity for using third person when writing about herself, as she very much prefers writing about others.

Please feel free to leave a comment saying hello or asking a question. She’ll try not to scare anyone away by replying too quickly.