Welcome Home Alissa, LA Missed You


Since Alissa’s been away all weekend, covering AIGA like a woman possessed, we thought we’d ease her way back to home with this fantastic post over the weekend by Bldg Blog: “Greater Los Angeles.” It’s a fun mix of both praise for the city and outright, hyper-critical damnation, moving from the layout of the city to its architecture to its people, and everything in between. And typical of the site’s writing, it’s brilliant. And the perfect read for Alissa once she overcomes the jet lag. Here’s some:

L.A. is the apocalypse: it’s you and a bunch of parking lots. No one’s going to save you; no one’s looking out for you. It’s the only city I know where that’s the explicit premise of living there — that’s the deal you make when you move to L.A.

The city, ironically, is emotionally authentic.

It says: no one loves you; you’re the least imporant person in the room; get over it. What matters is what you do there.