Welcome Back to the Internet, Paul Miller of The Verge

Paul Miller, a senior technology writer at The Verge, hadn’t been on the internet in a year. No social media. No Google. Nothing. As his Vox Media colleague noted in a memo to reporters on Wednesday, he had “never even seen a Vine.”

But, today, he’s back.

The Verge drummed up attention for its year-long human project with the hashtag #WhatShouldPaulSee, though it didn’t appear to gain much traction on Twitter.

In his introductory post since returning to the World Wide Web, Miller wrote:

And now I’m supposed to tell you how it solved all my problems. I’m supposed to be enlightened. I’m supposed to be more “real,” now. More perfect.

But instead it’s 8PM and I just woke up. I slept all day, woke with eight voicemails on my phone from friends and coworkers. I went to my coffee shop to consume dinner, the Knicks game, my two newspapers, and a copy of The New Yorker. And now I’m watching Toy Story while I glance occasionally at the blinking cursor in this text document, willing it to write itself, willing it to generate the epiphanies my life has failed to produce.

I didn’t want to meet this Paul at the tail end of my yearlong journey.

Read his full post at The Verge for more.

Source: [The Verge] | Image: [Vine]