Welcome AJ Glasser – Inside Social Games’ New Lead Writer

Inside Social Games is pleased to announce AJ Glasser as our new lead writer. She’s joining us from video game industry publication GamePro Media to focus on the business of social games here at ISG.

She brings years of experience to bear, having also worked at Kotaku and GamesRadar, among other publications. AJ also completed her undergrad at Mills College and earned her Masters in Journalism from Stanford University.

In case you’re wondering, yes, she’s a serious gamer as well as a social gamer. You can reach her for all editorial matters at: amanda.glasser (at) insidenetwork (dot) com or follow her Twitter account (at)Joygirl007.

Meanwhile, Chris Morrison, the previous lead writer for the site, couldn’t resist the lure of game development after having covered the industry so deeply over the past year. He recently joined Concept Art House as a game designer, and will continue to contribute articles for Inside Network.