Weirdest Story of the Week: Gang Members Kidnap Man For Shaq Sex Tape

Every once in awhile, this East Coast born and bred Fishie wakes up and wonders “Where the fuck am I?” No, he doesn’t have dementia. He reads stories with headlines like this in the LA Times: “Gang members accused of kidnapping man who claimed to have Shaquille O’Neal sex tape.”

Wait, what? Some guy said he had a Shaq sex tape, word got around, and some LA gang members kidnapped him to get it?


The victim was identified as Robert Ross. He was allegedly abducted by the gang members from inside a Bentley along the Sunset Strip on the night of the 2008 Grammy Awards. The suspects were attempting to retrieve a reputed tape showing O’Neal involved in sex with other women, according to testimony at a preliminary hearing in the case.

Prosecutors say there’s no evidence such a tape even exists.

This city is just too much sometimes.