Weird Al’s Comeback Claims Two Spots on Weekly YouTube Top 10

Parodies of Lorde and Pharrell lead Yankovic's viral resurgence

Master satirist Weird Al Yankovic recently came back on people's radars with his grammar-themed Word Crimes, a School House Rock version of Blurred Lines. Now, the singer-songwriter has paired up with College Humor to poke fun at Lorde's Royals, and came up with a summer anthem about leftovers called FOIL.

While it might not be as clever as his take on Robin Thicke's track, FOIL is this week's most popular YouTube Web series video. It's been viewed about 12.4 million times since it was uploaded on July 16.

If you were following the World Cup final on social media, you may have noticed an Instagram video from LeBron James (yes, that LeBron James) announcing that there was a streaker during the Germany vs. Argentina match. The nude prankster was none other than VitalyzdTV, and his antics have boosted his channels views by 5.6 million.

Check out this week's top 10 videos:


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