Weingarten’s Snafu

During his online chat today, Washington Post’s Gene Weingarten was called out by his colleague (assuming it wasn’t just someone pranking him…it is Halloween and all), Comics Page Editor Suzanne Tobin, for not giving credit where credit was due:

    Comics Queen: Hey, Weingarten, you self-centered ingrate, I read your chat about your Doonesbury piece last week and you didn’t even mention that I was the one who not only suggested you do the profile, but then followed up with reminder messages to make sure you didn’t drop the ball! But do you even throw a thank you my way? NOOOOOO! Do you even mention I saved you from an embarrassing error when I read the piece prior to publication? NOOOOO! So, for once, I am going to draw a line in the sand for all the copy editors in this newsroom who save all you reporters (AKA dunderheads) from yourselves time and time again and NEVER get any appreciation. It was a great piece, and I loved reading it, but it wouldn’t have existed at all if it wasn’t for me.

    Your offended colleague,

    Suzanne Tobin

    P.S. I look forward to some serious groveling and a lunch at an expensive restaurant of my choice.

    Gene Weingarten: I’m not sure who this person is. Are you the quiet one in the corner who snaps chewing gum and is always reading romance novels?

Later in the chat, Weingarten relents:

    Gene Weingarten: Okay, okay, Suzanne. Yes, you suggested that I do Trudeau when he declined to do a comics chat with you, on the theory that he might conceivably go for a greater degree of publicity. You were right, okay? And, yesm, you caught me having Sam confess she’s afraid of her daddy to the wrong person. You were right again, okay?

    But I can’t take you out for dinner. It just wouldn’t look… right. Two famous comics people like us. Opposite sex. Obvious “chemistry.” People would talk.