Weiner Resurges in the News

Unless you’re Politico‘s Mike Allen, the media cannot get enough of ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.). This weekend and this morning, the press was bulging with fresh Weiner news.

The NYT had a lengthy feature slapped on the front of their Sunday Style section that basically says, “He plays hockey badly, hangs out with his pregnant wife and eats.” In 1,853 words. He doesn’t chat with the press, even casually. He refused to talk to the NYT reporter for the story, saying at the ice rink, “I don’t have time for this tonight. Find me in like, March.” There seemed to be a hint of a political resurrection, but nothing concrete outside of a few meals payed for by his campaign expense account. Baby Weiner arrives in late December.

BigGov Founder Andrew Breitbart, in Washington for a conservative happy hour this weekend, tweeted about Weiner as though he were a movie star. Washed up, but still someone to tweet about: “I kid you not. At Cafe Milano in DC. NOW. @RepWeiner two tables away from me.”

This morning, as the result of Breitbart’s tweet, Politico‘s Patrick Gavin also has a standalone story on the Weiner, noting Breitbart’s Friday night dinner at Cafe Milano where he spotted the ex-lawmaker dining with his wife, Huma Abedin. Read here. Also this morning: The Hill‘s Judy Kurtz has an item on Weiner making The Jewish Daily Foward‘s “Forward 50” list. Meanwhile, the Daily Mail baits the couple, asking in a blaring headline, “What’s wrong, Anthony? Weiner looks glum as wife Huma is all smiles at dinner in Washington.” The story says nothing really new, but shows off a picture with Huma’s “baby bump.” See here.