Weiner Resigns Headlines: Who Wrote it Best?

Excellent! We want more.

NYP: “PREMATURE EVACUATION: Rep. quits amid intense pressure after sexting scandal

Gawker: “It’s OVER: Anthony Weiner Resigns as Hecklers Ask About the Length of His Penis

Good job — it’s a keeper.

The Daily Caller: “The Hunt for WeinerGate’s Deeper Meaning” (by Mickey Kaus)

The Daily Mail: “‘Weiner WILL bounce back’: Obama says ex-congressman can return after shamed politician quits with grovelling apology to his pregnant wife”

The Weekly Standard: “Weiner, Weiner and more Weiner”

HuffPost: “Twitter Quitter: Weiner Resigns

TalkingPointsMemo: “That’s all folks!”

WaPo: “Pressed by party, Weiner resigns

FNC: “Ugly to the End: Weiner Quits Over Sexting Scandal”

LAT: “Anthony Weiner exits politics, but is  it forever?”

CNN: “Weiner’s ungraceful exit

Mediocre. Go play ping pong and come back to it.

RealClearPolitics: “Weiner Resigns in Wake of Sex Photos Scandal”

They played it straight. Yawners.

Politico: “Weiner resigns from Congress”

The Hill: “Rep. Anthony Weiner resigns in third week of ‘sexting’ scandal”

Roll Call: “Weiner steps down”

MSNBC: “Rep. Weiner resigns amidst sexting scandal”

TWT: Weiner resigns amid sexting scandal

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