Weight Watchers Finds Its New Spokeswoman on Twitter

Here’s an interesting case study in crowdsourced social media branding: Weight Watchers, which faced some PR challenges when its spokeswoman Jessica Simpson got pregnant in the middle of her contract, found its newest celebrity backer via Twitter search!

The company’s social media team noticed that comedienne Ana Gasteyer had been tweeting about her weight loss experience and brought her feed to executives’ attention. They quickly moved in to secure her as a spokesperson — and now she’s created a series of TV and online ads set to debut this month. We can see why they’d be interested after reading tweets like these:

The cool thing about this story is that Gasteyer interacted with the brand long before they started paying her, and her obvious enthusiasm for/sense of humor about the program made her a natural spokesperson — especially since the public is often skeptical of celebrities shilling for products they obviously don’t use (does Katy Perry really eat PopChips?). It’s also a great case study in the potential value of real audience engagement.

Here’s Gasteyer’s first commercial:

Company execs say this is the first time a brand has discovered a celebrity spokesperson on social media. Should more social teams try to follow Weight Watchers’ lead?