Weigel Gets Jiggly With It

At last night’s “Karaoke in the Capital” at Washington’s Rock & Roll Hotel, many a journo came out to either sing, watch or support. And well, sometimes that support came in the form of laughter. Absolute shock and awe sort of laughter. This was one of those moments: Slate‘s Dave Weigel channeled his inner Elvis complete with gyrating hips, ass shaking and mic twirling. We couldn’t help but note the name of the song, Green Day’s “Basket Case.” He brought the house down when he sang, “Sometimes I give myself the creeps.”

We commend his bravery but question his dance moves. As one partygoer put it, “I love that he sings sometimes I give myself the creeps, – he gave more than just himself the creeps.”

Here’s to you Dave Weigel!