WeHaventLaidAnyoneOff.com Depressingly Bleak

We feel obligated to call your attention to this new thing on the Intertubes: WeHaventLaidAnyoneOff.com. Started by a laid-off media guy, employers can pay for bragging rights if they haven’t laid off anyone in the past 12 months.

See each of those squares? Each square costs $100 USD, and any company that pays up also gets to write a brag blurb on the “How They Did It” page explaining why they’re so great they haven’t had to fire anyone yet.

The site is…depressingly bare.

Is the $100 too much of a barrier for brag rights on the ‘Net? It doesn’t seem like it’d make much of a dent in a business’s balance sheet—heck, you could pay for that out of petty cash—but maybe there just aren’t that many companies that have had no layoffs.

Or maybe companies that don’t lay off their employees do have better things to spend their money on.