WeFi for Android: Use, Find & Share Information About WiFi Hotspots

When I woke up yesterday morning, I found the “No Service” message at the top of my iPhone’s screen. This is not unusual. But, it remained there even when I walked around outside to spots where I usually could get a reasonable signal. A call to AT&T Wireless confirmed that the cell tower serving my area was offline. However, even though the cell tower remained down for several hours, I was able to check my email, login into Facebook, tweet on Twitter, browse web sites and used apps because I had a WiFi connection to fall back on.

As you wander around this summer, you may find yourself in need of a WiFi hotspot too. If you have an Android phone or tablet, you may want to check out this free app in the Android Market.

WeFi for Android

It not only helps connects Android phones to nearby WiFi hotspots, it also maps additional WiFi hotspots it finds while you are using it on your phone. Each time you use the app, it has the possibility of learning more about available WiFi hotspots around you and adds it to its database.

The app has a strong 4.1 average rating with 4,585 user reviews in the Android Market.

Video courtesy of WeFiTube