WeeWorld Launches WeeMees Avatar Creator App

A new application for the iPhone and iPod touch from WeeWorld will allow customizable avatar creation and integration for fans of the popular teen-based virtual world. The application, called WeeMee Avatar Creator, can be downloaded onto the user’s iPhone or iPod touch and the distinctive cartoon WeeMees can then be created, edited, and shared.

Specifically, this application allows users to edit and assign unique WeeMees to their friends and family as visual caller IDs on the iPhone, and select their favorites to use as wallpaper or screensavers. The newly created WeeMees can be saved and edited using the built-in WeeMee editor, and the saved WeeMees can be shared through email or Facebook.

WeeMee Avatar Creator was developed by WeeWorld and Smallmedium, a Toronto-based application publisher. Both firms are eager to bring this aspect of WeeWorld to users of the iPhone and iPod touch.

This application will be great for fans of the virtual world WeeWorld, as they will have another avenue to design and edit the WeeMee that best represents them online. Part of the allure of WeeWorlds is precisely this ability to create a virtual representation of yourself. Your penchant for playing soccer or your love of music can shown off by your WeeMee, as accessories like soccer balls, jerseys, guitars, and headphones can all be added to the avatar.

WeeWorlds hopes that by adding an iPhone and iPod touch application to their repertoire, they will expand their community to include Apple mobile users. Although the WeeMee Avatar Creator does not directly give access to the full virtual WeeWorld, it will give users who may not be familiar with that space a taste of the fun, colorful, customizable avatars that they can create if they sign up.

Users can access WeeMee Avatar Creator via the Apple App Store on their iPhone or iPod touch, or from iTunes .