WeeWorld Launches Virtual Gifting this Valentine's Day

The holidays are the perfect times to launch virtual gifting on a web-based network, and WeeWorld is taking full advantage of Valentine’s Day to do just that. Virtual gifts are the third virtual goods offering from WeeWorld, after launching a series of other interactive offerings that users can take advantage of. Given the time of year in which WeeWorld is launching its virtual gifting option, the new gifts are themed appropriately. There are 25 Valentine’s Day gifts to send and receive to the tens of millions of WeeMee avatars present on the virtual community.

The system WeeWorld has set up for its virtual gifting is slightly different from other virtual economies we’ve seen on various social networks such as Facebook. But WeeWorld is offering its own virtual currency, which can be bulked up through site interaction to earn coins or through direct purchase. This is a typical rewards system for an environment that’s solely virtual, as it encourages a great deal of site activity and further engages users on a variety of levels within the virtual world. That means users can earn points by spending more time on the site, playing games, and finishing quests on WeeWorld.

There are also opportunities to win vouchers for free coins, just by visiting WeeWorld on a daily basis.
WeeWorld reports that nearly 50% of its users regularly send personal messages to their friends, and the company is looking to leverage this ongoing personalized communication by encouraging gifting along with it. This method could work for all of WeeWorld’s facets, which the company has been building out several sections for deeper user engagement. Virtual rooms, for instance, can be customized with different items and decorations. This is just one of the many ways in which virtual gifting can tie in with WeeWorld for very deep integration.

It will be interesting to see if virtual world currencies eventually carry over into different integrated social networking platforms, such as Facebook. WeeWorld was quick to integrate with different apps early on, such as AIM, and has been more able to create integrated apps within networks like Facebook thanks to opening platforms. It could also be an opportunity for the social networking sites, such as Facebook and hi5, especially as they’re expanding their own virtual goods markets for additional revenue opportunities.